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Possibilities of cooperation

Formula Student is an interdisciplinary project that combines many fields of science and technology and brings together people with diverse interests. The following are proposals for the scope of cooperation:

  • Presentation of the racing car at the Partner’s exhibition stand during trade fairs,
  • Support in the design of new products and / or devices, along with the development of technological processes,
  • Training of the members of the PRZ Racing Team in terms of employment in the Partner’s company,
  • Preparation and provision of press information for the promotion of the Partner’s business,
  • Performing demonstrations during closed corporate events, business meetings, conferences and picnics
  • Providing a racing car for the promotion of institutions and cooperating companies
  • Placement of the logotype on the team’s website and social profiles
  • Logo on the undercoat of the racing vehicle, promotional clothing, promotional materials
  • . . .  and many others.

Due to the large possibilities and flexible approach, we are open to any suggestions. Details of cooperation are set individually.


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