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Tests on the track in Toruń

kw. 8, 2019 | EN | 0 komentarzy

On April 8, our team had the opportunity to test PMT-02 with a full aerodynamic package. For each member of the team it was a day full of work and new experiences. Tests lasted from 9:30 to 15:00. During this time, we could tested the car’s capabilities.

We came to Toruń City around 7AM, about 9AM we were preparing a car. We had a delay due to technical problems. The car took off at 9.30AM and it was tested for strength with a packet of wings. After 30 minutes after car inspection, it was tested without a packet by different drivers. Test drives lasted up to around 3PM.

At 3:15PM we droved on the main track with a packet of wings. Unfortunately after two passes there was a problem with the oil that prevented further tests. Fortunately, these two rides were enough to collect data from the car.

At 5PM we left for Rzeszów.

What such tests gave us?
– a lot of information about the car
– possibility for new drivers to familiarize themselves with the vehicle
– checking the service efficiency
– detection of problems that need to be eliminated

We would like to thank MotoPark Tor Toruń for making the track available for the needs of our team.