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PRz Racing

„Sometimes you have to slow down to go faster”

Sir Jackie Stewart

About us

We were connected by a common passion for the automotive industry and a willingness to face new challenges.


Completed car designs


Drunk coffees and RedBull


We have won podiums at international competitions on several occasions

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Every year, our team aims to design a racing vehicle for F1 racing cars, start in the prestigious Formula Student competition, formulating classics for a new generation.

Over the last 8 years, we have built 3 racing cars for international editions, in which we were quite successful.

We implement many unconventional ideas, engaging in additional projects related to the promotional goals of our partners.

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What does working in a team look like?

The video below shows the team’s work on wrapping the PMT 03 car.
Wrapping is a great way to give the vehicle body a unique look, but also allows you to create a mobile advertisement from it, it is one of the last stages of work before the complete completion of the project.

How exactly does the wrapping process work?

Check it out with us now!

Formnext 2019

Formnext 2019       On November 19 - 22 thanks to Omni 3D company PRz Racing Team participates in the Formnext fair in Frankfurt.  Formnext has been the world's leading event dedicated to additive manufacturing, 3D printing design, CAD /...

Tests on the track in Toruń

On April 8, our team had the opportunity to test PMT-02 with a full aerodynamic package. For each member of the team it was a day full of work and new experiences. Tests lasted from 9:30 to 15:00. During this time, we could tested the car's capabilities. We came to...

Warsaw Moto Show 2018

Warsaw Moto Show 2018     On November 17-18, 2018, once again, we presented our car PMT-02 on amazing event - Warsaw Motor Show. During the fair, we had the opportunity to talk with such recognizable personalities such as Zachar OFF and Kickster ZnaFca who...

Preview of the racing season

Preview of the racing season   Our racing seasons promise to be very busy, because we will take part in three editions of the competition: Formula Student Italy, Formula Student Netherlands and Formula Student Andorra ????????

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas ???? In this short "Merry Christmas" we would like to wish all our observers, partners, friends, families - warm, healthy, cheerful holidays!????   ???? We wish the rest of Formula Student teams rest and gain strength for further work on your...

Adventure of Formula Student: PRz Racing Team / power-car.pl

Adventure of Formula Student: PRz Racing Team / power-car.pl   Do you want to find out what's new in our team? ???? ???????? Or maybe you want to remind yourself how it all began????????? We invite you to read the article on the portal power-car.pl about our...

Participation in the Warsaw Moto Show

Participation in the Warsaw Moto Show It was a real SHOW– Warsaw Moto Show! ???? Hundreds of exhibitors, outstanding drivers, well-known names from the automotive world, premieres of the best car brands and us along with Cerber Motorsport, PWR Racing Team i WUT...


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